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How to prepare a Dessert for a Special Event in Advance

This feeling, when 4 hours before a wedding the fondant slips off your tiered wedding cake and you know you do not really have enough time to do cover it again. This is only one reason to be better prepared. It allows you better Time Management. You can ideally...

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Lemon Meringue Tart

Before going to pastry school I made many lemon tarts and just could not figure out why it would always seep. I would spend a lot of time to research it until I bumped into an article that scientifically analyzed the cooking process. It did not answer my question. The...

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German Ginger Bread Cookie Busses

Years ago I made two Ginger Bread Houses for my niece and nephew. They were very excited and according to their mother, after they snacked off the candy, nuts, and chocolates I used for decoration, they put the remainings of the house into a plastic container and had...

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Sacher Chocolate Mousse Cake with Apricot

The original Sacher Torte was created in 1832 at the famous Hotel Sacher and still today gets shipped all over the world. There are rumors that the recipe is locked in a safe at the hotel. It consists of 2 layers of chocolate biscuit, some apricot jam, and a dark...

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How to make Salted Caramel Sauce

At pastry school we prepared everything in small batches and it basically only mattered to yourself if you prepared something that did not work out. Once I started my first job in pastry reality kicked in. I needed to make a salted caramel sauce for their ice cream...

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Grapefruit Sorbet

During culinary school I tasted many different and very often surprising preparations. Being used to more common flavours like raspberry or lemon, I tasted my first grapefruit sorbet. It tasted like nothing before and opened up my mind to the variation of ingredients....

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