The recipe for the white chocolate lemon ganache is adapted from a recipe by Jérôme Landrieu published by the so good…magazine, which is one of the main references for modern pastry.

The technique of glazing a freezable component with melted chocolate makes the chocolate set quickly as an interesting alternative to tempering.

These lollipops are perfect along with a coffee after a special dinner. A refreshing taste of lemon, a rich taste of dark chocolate, with smokey cocoa nibs for additional texture.

Lemon Ganache | Dark Chocolate & Roasted Cocoa Nibs Lollipops

Prep Time 20 minutes
Freezing & Defrosting Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 20 minutes
Servings 12 pieces


  • Hand blender
  • Silikomart, Semi-Sphere, mini
  • Small palette knive
  • Lollipop sticks


White Chocolate Lemon Ganache adapted from Jérôme Landrieu

  • 86 g Cream, 30% fat
  • 86 g Milk, 1.5% fat
  • 172 g White couverture, 33% cocoa butter
  • 34 g Cocoa butter
  • 31 g Lemon juice

Dark Chocolate Glaze & Roasted Cocoa Nibs

  • 125 g Dark couverture, 56%
  • 12 g Cocoa butter
  • 40 g Roasted cocoa nibs


White Chocolate Lemon Ganache adapted from Jérôme Landrieu

  • - Combine white chocoolate, cocoa butter and hydrated gelatin in the container of the hand mixer.
    - Combine milk, cream and lemon zest in a pot and bring to 80°C.
    - Pour the heated liquid through a strainer onto the dry ingredients. Blend.
    - Add the lemon juice. Blend until homogenous.
  • - Spread the ganache into the silicon mold with a small palette knive.
    - Freeze.
  • - Remove spheres from the silicon mold.
    - Heat the flat surface gently with your fingers and "glue" two spheres together to form a ball.
  • - Prick a lollipop stick into each ball.
    - Freeze.

Dark Chocolate Glaze & Roasted Cocoa Nibs

  • - Melt the chocolate and cocoa butter and transfer into a high container.
    - Dip each lollipop into the chocolate, then into the cocoa nibs and place it into another high container for the chocolate to set completely.
    - Transfer the lollipops into an airtight container immediately once the chocolate is set and store in the fridge to defrost.
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